[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess

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【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

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【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

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【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

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Explore the story:

Title: Leo Makes a Mess!

Course: Grade K- Intensive – Unit 7 – Book 2

【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

Designed for children ages: 5-8

[Details of Leo Makes a Mess!]

1. Read to Me

【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

Curious Leo messed up his room. Shall we clean up his room with Leo?

Let’s find out how Leo cleaned up his room by reading the book!

2. Wrap Up

【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

What did Leo do to clean up his room? Let’s review the key expressions!

3. My Voice

What did you learn from reading? This time, listen to the audio and repeat as you record yourself reading out loud. Then share it with others.

4. Bonus Activity App (A Gift from LEAD21)

【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

Three Types of Matching Games

(Kids can learn easy words, colors, and numbers by matching socks, shoes, toys.)

5. Hints and Tips

【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

1) Teaching Guide: Every book provides practical tips and stimulating ideas for parents to use with their kids when reading and discussing the story. Parents are able to figure out the best way to teach their kids. They can check the objectives and keywords of the book as well.

2) Progress Tracking: Our innovative program will track the kids’ learning progress in the app and parents can get email alerts on their kids’ progress and achievements. Parents will be able to know which subjects their kids love.

3) With You: Kids can take photos with the cute characters from the book and parents can share the photos on their favorite social sites.

Start learning English with LEAD21 while having fun!

When kids are interacting with the tablet or smart phone, they often don’t even realize they’re learning, but they will be able to learn. Parents can leave their kids to play on their own encouraging them to explore an interactive environment. Kids will learn naturally while having fun!

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【免費教育App】[Lead21] Leo Makes a Mess-APP點子

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