[S-Pen] Start drawing for Kids

【免費教育App】[S-Pen] Start drawing for Kids-APP點子

**This application is only available to the devices with SAMSUNG S-Pen

■ Easy to follow even for kids and draw complicated picture with S Pen!

■ Follow the guide step by step to improve drawing skills of your kids!

■ Approach to drawing like one of playing then creativity comes with it naturally.

■ Draw by tracing various items also improves object recognition.

From drawing basic line to animal and plant, this feature consisted of total 72 illustrations.

Want to give your kids a present about drawing stuff? Give them ‘with S Pen’

App composition

-Draw by tracing

Line / Figure

Trapezoid, Heart etc. total of 18 illustrations.

【免費教育App】[S-Pen] Start drawing for Kids-APP點子

Human / Animal / Plant

Frog, Chick etc. total of 27 illustrations.

Object / Food

Lemon, Chair etc. total of 27 illustrations.

- Draw a picture

Draw on your own picture.


Practice and check your pictures on the Gallery.

“Tap tap tap, Remarkable learning experience on my hands”

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【免費教育App】[S-Pen] Start drawing for Kids-APP點子

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【免費教育App】[S-Pen] Start drawing for Kids-APP點子

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