007 SMS & Call Block Free

【免費通訊App】007 SMS & Call Block  Free-APP點子

UnderTech IT is proud to present: 007 SMS & Call

Call 1234 to open the APP!

Privacy is something we cannot live without and this app gives you a lot of features.

☆ Hidden App

- just dial 1234 to open

- after 1 min it close itself

☆ Private phonebook

【免費通訊App】007 SMS & Call Block  Free-APP點子

- add people or just import from system phonebook

- call them or send an sms from inside

☆ Encrypted sms

- use the public & private key protocol as the banks do!

☆ Hide sms and calls just when you need it!

【免費通訊App】007 SMS & Call Block  Free-APP點子

- if you have your friend just inside this app any sms will be hidden automatically (not calls)

- if his number is in the system phonebook too you need to enable the filtering by clicking on the app icon ; any sms and calls will be stored inside this app.

☆ Better inteface

- now you can swipe from contats to messages with your finger

【免費通訊App】007 SMS & Call Block  Free-APP點子

- black background

☆ ..On the options page you can define a text to be sent when a call has been rejected!

☆ ..Never ever tought if you forget your mobile somewhere? well just sending a SMS with "KEY-OFF" text and the filter will be actived !

When you get back your device click on the app icon and you will see the notification icon where you can disable the filter.

☆ ..a lot more...just have a look at the tutorial inside

This is the free version, the professional one gives you unlimited contacts.

【免費通訊App】007 SMS & Call Block  Free-APP點子

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