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Make your life much easier with this one touch "Love You" text messaging application with GPS safe driver feature. You don't have to fumble around with texting when you are in a hurry or in your car. Just open the app and click "Pick-N-Send" or "Send Random." Making your loved ones day is as simple as that! You can earn 7 love conversation libraries with 50 or so versions of each so you don't have to type so much.

This app will not only save you time but it will strengthen your relationship with your loved one. Making saying "I love you" as hassle free as you can will make it so you do it more often. Who couldn't use more "I love you" text messages from you? This will improve your life if you use it enough. :)

Set up:

You open it, add your significant others phone number and then hit the big fat button. That's it! Every time you click "Send Random" it will randomly select one of over 50 different preset messages for the library check box you selected.

Here are some examples:

Love you!

Missing you!

Lv u! :)

Love you, miss you! :)

【免費通訊App】1 Touch

Love you. Have an nice day!

Guess who's thinking of you? :)

This is the free version so you have the options of earning the pro version features. You earn points when you share the app on Facebook, Twitter, via Text Message and also when you rate this app and provide feedback. Many people can't afford a pro version or don't have purchasing access so we thought it would be cool to create a game where you could earn the pro version. Hope you like it.


Manual Texting Mode

Random Pick Mode or Pick Message Mode

Safe Driver Mode

【免費通訊App】1 Touch

Speak Message Mode

Remove and Add Messages To Any Library

A great use of this app is to make it a preset app in your Car Doc configuration. Just click "Add app" and pick this application to make it a two touch process from beginning to end.

Don't forget to put this Icon on your phones desk top. That way it is a two click process from anywhere to get your "Love You" text send quickly. Make sure you use this application a lot and share it with your friends and family.

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【免費通訊App】1 Touch

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