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About 1-800-Oncologist

1-800-Oncologist, Inc. offers appointment management and patient education solutions. The 1-800-Oncologist voice portal enables patients to easily locate and speak with cancer specialists. The www.1-800-Oncologist.com website publishes world-class cancer information and videos.

1-800-Oncologist covers the following conditions:

Bladder Cancer News

Bone Cancer News

Brain Cancer News

Breast Cancer News

Cervical Cancer News

Colon Cancer News


Esophageal Cancer News

Gall Bladder Cancer News

Kidney Cancer News

Liver Cancer News

Lung Cancer News

Muscle/Soft Tissue Cancer News

Nasal Cancer News

Oral Cancer News


Ovarian Cancer News

Pancreatic Cancer News

Prostate Cancer News

Rectal Cancer News

Skin Cancer News

Stomach Cancer News

Testicular Cancer News

Thyroid Cancer News


Uterine Cancer News

Vulvar Cancer News


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