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Convert volumes from and to liters, gallons, barrels and much more!

As it is for all 1-abc.net Windows® or Android™ mobile tools to work with this program is very easy.

Simply enter any volume in any field you like, the other values will be calculated and displayed automatically then.

By pressing the 'Menu' key on your mobile device, you can select if you like to see a help file or if you like to get more information about this app.

Please note: In contrast to most other free or budget apps - no 1-abc.net app does ever collect or send any personal data, text messages, GPS data, contacts and so on from your phone or your tablet PC to use it for marketing issues.

You can even run our apps without an active internet connection without complications. Our users' privacy always has highest priority in our company.

【免費工具App】1-abc.net Volume Calculator-APP點子

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