1001 Word Rebuses

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The word "rebus" comes from the Latin, to communicate by things. A word rebus is a combination of pictures and letters, when deciphered, forms a familiar word, phrase, or idiom.

A rebus can be solved by examining the juxtaposition of the letters. Letters can be on top of, beside, under, in, or around other letters. Graphic symbols can also represent a word or partial word.

【免費解謎App】1001 Word Rebuses-APP點子

Many rebuses in this game represent idioms in the English language. Some are easy. Some are difficult.

1001 puzzles are included in easy, medium, or hard modes. Puzzles can also be selected at random. A hint button displays the first letter of each word in the answer.

【免費解謎App】1001 Word Rebuses-APP點子

Word rebuses have delighted millions of people of all ages. One of the longest running TV game shows featured rebuses.

Have fun!

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