101 Credit Score Fixes

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101 Credit Score Quick fixes: Your credit score lets lenders know quickly how much of a credit risk you are. Based on this credit score, lenders decide whether to trust you financially, other companies use your credit report as well, employers, land lords and insurance companies.

One of the problems with credit scores is that there is quite a bit of misinformation circulated about, especially through some less than scrupulous companies who claim they can help you with your credit report and credit score for a price.

This book will teach you the powerful strategies you need to build the financial habits that will help you to keep a high credit rating. Plus, unlike many other books on the subject, this ebook will show you how to deal with your everyday life while repairing your credit. Your credit repair does not happen in a vacuum.

Here is a list of the helpful information contain in this book; Table of Contents:


The Basics;

The Best Ways to Boost Your Credit Score;

Keep Your Credit Score Safe;

Avoid Common Credit Score Mistakes;

Dealing With Your Credit Report To Deal With Your Credit Score;

【免費書籍App】101 Credit Score Fixes-APP點子

Dealing With a Credit Score after a Big Problem;

Dealing With Professional Credit Help;

General Good Financial Habits Build Good Credit Scores;

Think Like A Lender;

Develop an Organized Strategy To Repair Your Credit Score;

Loans and Your Credit Score;

Make Credit Repair Easier On Yourself;

Student Credit Repair;

Dealing With Debt;

Credit Repair and Your Emotions;

【免費書籍App】101 Credit Score Fixes-APP點子

Parting Credit Tips;


【免費書籍App】101 Credit Score Fixes-APP點子

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