114 Surahs

【免費書籍App】114 Surahs-APP點子

Welcome to '114 Surahs' App

*Includes all 114 Surahs- NO Internet Connection Required

This App attempts to convey the essence of the Quran by presenting the key

【免費書籍App】114 Surahs-APP點子

contents and themes of each of its Surahs/Chapters in a condensed form. It aims to motivate

【免費書籍App】114 Surahs-APP點子

people to read the Quran with understanding and reflection, this app can also be

【免費書籍App】114 Surahs-APP點子

useful as a dawah tool, for remembering key themes from a particular Surah.

(Note: This is not a Tafsir translation or the Arabic Quran itself)

visit: www.fortressofmonotheism.

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