2 Cars Challenge

【免費冒險App】2 Cars Challenge-APP點子

Control the red car and the black car at the same time. Collect all the circles and avoid the squares on the road.

2 Cars Challenge is a free game, very attractive, and a fun game too.

After rob a bank, two thieves run away on the road by car (Mustang) and bring out an amazing high speed hide and seek. The thief have to catch the circle and avoid the square block. Speed of two cars will raise up therefore thieves can run away. Based on that scenario, the racing two cars game seem to be very hard. You have to use 2 fingers to control / charge 2 cars to turn left, turn right, catch circle, avoid square box, and when speed up, it's so difficult to control.

Could your brain drive two fingers exactly (then drive two cars in charge) at the same time? Could you have enough calm to concentrate on the race ? Harder but more attractive, this challenge will help you much more than you can imagine ! I also have many work to do, but I can not concentrate on, so I play this game in 10 minutes and back to work. Surprised, I could work more affective !

【免費冒險App】2 Cars Challenge-APP點子

It's not complex as Alspath games on racing, It's very simple, hard to play but very cool and useful for workaholic person. Don't be angry with difficulty, if you got 30 points, you're very excellent, master of driver - champion of Two Cars Challenge

【免費冒險App】2 Cars Challenge-APP點子

A free modern game, just entertainment, not zombie, vampire, strike, just left drift or right drift, tap, tap, tap and slide. Very easy gameplay but extremely fun and hard to be master ! (If you want to get high score, you could invite your friend to play. A couple should play much well than one man !)

【免費冒險App】2 Cars Challenge-APP點子

If you don't want to control amazing car of thief, with fantasy - you can also imagine as a kid that you are the hero to run after, trying to catch them. A kid hero with two cars, gun, candy in pocket, music player headphone on ear, drive two crazy colorful cars on the road so as to avoid clash of gun fight ! - You could write a saga novel with that story !

【免費冒險App】2 Cars Challenge-APP點子

Racing game is not only glad, funny, It also help you to train concentrate skill, especially for racer - who are always on the road !

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