24/7: The Game

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24/7: The Game is a light strategy game where players place numbered tiles on a grid and score points for adjacent tiles that create runs, sets and sums of 24 or 7.

Play a tile and score points or block your opponents from scoring. Play the right balance of offensive and defensive moves to keep your opponents on their toes as you rack up points!


▸ Official digital adaptation of the board game designed by Carey Grayson.

【免費遊戲App】24/7: The Game-APP點子

▸ Play with up to three other players or computer opponents on one device.

▸ Play online with your friends and other players via Game Center.

▸ Universal App - Buy once, play on iPhone and iPad.

▸ Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards.

【免費遊戲App】24/7: The Game-APP點子

24/7: The Game is a fun and challenging game for two to four players.

【免費遊戲App】24/7: The Game-APP點子

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