2D Skateboarding free

【免費街機App】2D Skateboarding free-APP點子

Love Mario? Love Skateboarding?

If so, this game is made for you!

Try to finish every level with 3 stars and earn as much coins as possible!

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/fainosagstudio


* swipe left - roll left

* swipe right - roll right

* swipe up - ollie (jump)

【免費街機App】2D Skateboarding free-APP點子

* swipe down - stop

You can't move left or right while grinding.

Take care and avoid getting into spikes or falling off the map.

Earn as many coins as you can and upgrade your skateboard.

You can upgrade your:

* bearings - You will be able to roll faster. Good when you have big gaps ahead.

* deck - You will be able to ollie (jump) higher.

* wheels - Want to stop faster? Upgrade your wheels, when you reach the maximum stats you will stop instantly.

【免費街機App】2D Skateboarding free-APP點子

* trucks - If you don't want your board to bounce every time you land, upgrade your trucks.


* graphics for different screen sizes ( XHD, HD, MD, SD) , you can choose the one you want from the settings.

* currently 20 awesome levels for the free version. Send us a message on facebook if you want more! We are going to create the levels and mention you.

* 2 different game backgrounds

* 2 interactive easter eggs

* catchy sounds effects

【免費街機App】2D Skateboarding free-APP點子

* nice graphics & animation

* you can request any update on our facebook page, and we are going to reply as fast as we can, and we are going to mention your suggestion if added.

You liked this game? Please support us and try the full version (only 1$).

Additional features:


* no dialogs asking for facebook likes, rate, etc.

* you get twice as many coins

【免費街機App】2D Skateboarding free-APP點子

* you can zoom in / out while playing with your fingers. This is very helpful for hard levels.

* a lot more levels, for the full version we are working at new levels daily.

【免費街機App】2D Skateboarding free-APP點子

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