2D Volume+

【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

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The first and only Audio Manager App with Volume+ feature and Sound Profiles and Profile Scheduling!!

If you are one of the people who go to setting for accessing to change Media Volume or Alarm Volume, forget this work, because the 2D Volume Answers to your need everywhere.

At this time, remember the 2D (2D hence DigitalDreams ) name, because we’ll have interesting surprises for you!

【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

All you need for Audio Managing on your device is in 2D Volume

The most different audio manager app!

This app contains three Main feature:

【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

1.One of the most special feature that you can’t find in any app in the world, is “Volume+” Feature! By this, you can have a special volume popup with your current volume view. You can have all of your Device volume at a low and scrollable space and control them, also access to your sound profile. You can have all of them by hitting your volume buttons in everywhere! No matter where you are, in a game, or in watching film, just hit volume buttons and enjoy “Volume+”!

This Feature hence changing multi-volume in one time with volume button, recently added in several famous brands like HTC and Samsung with limited Facilities. With 2D Volume you can add this with more Facilities in all of the Phones and tablets with 2.2+ android version.

2.The next important feature is 'Sound Profiles'. By this. You can have Sound Profile in your device which is not Available before, you can use themes in the main of app or in Volume+ Popup, the Sound Profiles contain: General, Loud, Silent, Vibrate, Meeting and Mute profile,

In the new version, you can Edit Profiles and choose different Ringtone and Notification sound for each Profile

3. Another important feature of this app, Is Profile Scheduler !

【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

with this feature you can Schedule your profile, suppose you have a class or a meeting for a certain time(for example 1:30 Hours), You can put your phone in silent mode for 1:30 Hours, then this feature will come back automatically to General mode!


- 3 volume+ mode: Lite, Normal, Advanced

- Various sound profiles

- Profile Scheduling

【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

- Editing Profiles

- Cute and beautiful themes for main app and popup

- Beautiful and Smooth animation for popup

【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

- Changing the volume+ popup location

- Changing showing popup time (Ringtone only, Ringtone and Media volume and every volume)

- Beautiful and simple User Interface

【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

- Changing 6 main android volume that only 3 of them available in stock android volume setting

- Compatible with all of 2.2+ android devices (Phones and Tablets)

The Equalizer (Volume EQ) and Volume Booster(Bass Bosster) will be added soon.

So don’t lose time and enjoy your best audio manager app :)

【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

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【免費工具App】2D Volume+-APP點子

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