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This is a classic list based To-do app ( Similar to TeuxDeux for iPhone).

Remember how before all this tech came to being, we used a simple pen and paper. We used to list down the to do tasks and then strike down the tasks we completed. Simple. This app captures the simplicity of that approach. It's for users who want a simple list making app.

We offer the following options in the app:

1. List down a task on any day of your choice.

2. If you don't have a specific day to finish the task then place it under "someday" section. This could be for listing a piano class you want to take someday. May be a wish list. A reading list. Or what ever.

3. A single tap will place a strike through on the task indicating completed task.

4. Tasks not completed on a given day are automatically moved to the next day.

5. Single tap can get you to "Today's" task list from any screen.

6. Options to move existing task to any day of your choice.

The brilliance of this app is it's simplicity.


It's for those who like to keep it simple.

For those who like a sophisticated app, we recommend "Astrid Task/Todo List" by "ASTRID INC." Great App.

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