35 Challenge

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You want to do something regularly, but after some time your motivation fades and you stop doing it?

We all struggle with this problem. With 35 Challenge you try to force yourself to actually execute the activity over 35 days of 5 weeks. If you manage to get through you're a big step closer to transforming that activity into a habit and continue doing it without any effort!

35 Challenge lets you track your progress in building up the habit. Just mark every day where you have executed your challenge and it will show up as green box. And missed days will be orange.

Popular challenges:

【免費生活App】35 Challenge-APP點子

- Workout: Do sports every day or several times a week.

- No Snooze: Get up as soon as your alarm goes off.

【免費生活App】35 Challenge-APP點子

- Reach Inbox Zero: Clear out all emails from your inbox.

Don't beat yourself up if it doesn't work the first time you try. Just keep on going and eventually it will become a habit!

„We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.“ - Aristotle

Please get back with feedback and requests how to make this app even better!

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