3D Animal Drawing

【免費教育App】3D Animal Drawing-APP點子

Children's own 3D animal paradise is coming!

The favorite thing of small animals is that you run with them on the grass of the farm. They need you to touch them a lot and play with them. They love to be beautiful, so they need you to dress them different clothes of different colors.


【免費教育App】3D Animal Drawing-APP點子

Children can draw 3D animals they like on their own.

This is a story about growing, sense of responsibility and family.

It has 3D animation style with the best quality and vivid details.

There are sausage dogs, dalmatians, Garfield and others that children love most...

【免費教育App】3D Animal Drawing-APP點子

In the scene, all the children can play with small animals, which have different movements and sounds.

There are all kinds of colors and paintbrushes to change the clothes of the small animals for the children to feel different color change and beauty in children's world!


【免費教育App】3D Animal Drawing-APP點子

To cultivate children’s capability of recognizing animals, scenes, and colors

To let the babies have a good time!

【免費教育App】3D Animal Drawing-APP點子

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