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3D Compass is a compass app with augmented reality view, real time map update, and provides GPS information. It is a fun app to play with and a useful tool when travelling.

What customers are saying:

3D Compass is unfreaking believable! I install DirecTv for a living and use this app to point my dishes when tuning! It is amazing accurate and easy to use! Hats off to the softwares developers! 100 Stars.! (Rick)

Love the3d movement and inclusion of google map which also rotates to show direction. Best of the many I've tried. (Matt)

3D Compass is excellent in finding GPS coordinates and directions. I need to visit unknown places for mapping purposes and now I find this a great companion. (jky)

I install satellite TV and this has replaced my suunto(azimuth tool) It's accurate, easy to use and just plain cool! Awesome!!! (Anibal)

【免費旅遊App】3D Compass-APP點子

A simple marine compass : move your phone in all positions, and the compass will always stay parallel to the floor !

3D Compass has support for 3D themes meaning that you can select another kind o style of compass, including other interesting objects such as the aiming cube or the XYZ arrows.

Marine Compass can also display your location using GPS. In that case latitude and longitude will be displayed under the heading display.

It is also possible to extend Marine Compass with the optional augmented reality plugin, which will display the camera preview under the compass..

This compass app has no ad and does not require permission except LOCATION for the GPS feature. Enjoy !

Long tap on the compass will display the settings screen.

【免費旅遊App】3D Compass-APP點子

Have fun.

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