3D Rose of Fire LWP

【免費個人化App】3D Rose of Fire LWP-APP點子

This 3D Rose of Fire Live Wallpaper features a rotating 3D photo cube showing pictures from selected image theme. 3D Rose of Fire LWP is a great image viewer that displays cubes of six images from your selected image. This is designed for you to make valentine special with your loveable one. Select your favorite image from setting change image to display in cube. This app contains amazing and soothing images fully 3D live wallpaper depicting beautiful Rose of Fire reacting to touch gestures. You can rotate Rose of Fire by swiping through your home screens - scene will change its rotation according to touches. 3D Rose of Fire Live Wallpaper is the perfect live wallpaper for all romantic nature. A stunning live wallpaper featuring Love Season . Amazing live wallpaper that allow you enjoy ever you want of the pictures of Rose of Fire. Get this amazing LWP for free and make your day! Enjoy!!!


Features -

【免費個人化App】3D Rose of Fire LWP-APP點子


1. You can manually change the cube images by the click change image .

【免費個人化App】3D Rose of Fire LWP-APP點子

2. You can select all images. It will automatic set in all six faces by different images.

3. You can Enabled or disabled the transparent cube.

【免費個人化App】3D Rose of Fire LWP-APP點子

4. Many different Images are available.

5. You can even enable or disabled the rotation of cube by Rotation checkbox.

【免費個人化App】3D Rose of Fire LWP-APP點子

6. Adjust the size of the 3D cube by click of Cube Size.

7. You can even increase/decrease the speed of vertical and horizontal axis of 3D cube.

【免費個人化App】3D Rose of Fire LWP-APP點子

8. You can increase or decrease brightness, if transparent Enabled.

9. You can reset all the setting by the click of Reset all the setting.

【免費個人化App】3D Rose of Fire LWP-APP點子

10. User friendly as controls are very simple just swipes your finger across the cube to rotate of 3D cube.

Its performance is heavily optimized as it is created using OpenGLES with good memory handling . This is beautiful 3D Rose of Fire live wallpaper with beautiful rose . So use this great app it’s totally free in play store and very light weighted, share it with your favorite one, or set as phone background!

【免費個人化App】3D Rose of Fire LWP-APP點子

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