3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

This app is a continuation of the 3rd grade science glossary series. A good knowledge of science vocabulary is necessary in understanding important science concepts. Science contains specialized words that may be unfamiliar to students. It is hard to have a deep understanding of science words. One of the good ways to learn science words is to go through the word, it's definition, and have some contextual meaning. This is precisely what is available through this 3rd grade glossary #2 App.

Different kids have different styles of learning and remembering things. From our research, we have learnt that some kids look at pictures and science terms and relate to them, some kids would read the definitions and try to understand with pictures as a reference, while some kids preferred to hear the voice narrations while looking at the reference pictures. In this app, we have included all of these methods of learning. Kids can choose to use any of these styles to learn science terms - goal being to get familiar and learn from this App.

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Along with learning, there are practice modules for each of these sections to reinforce what they have learnt.

This app is divided into the following 4 learning and 4 practice units.

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

+ Life Science

+ Force and Motion

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

+ Scientific Inquiry

+ Space Science

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Following glossary words are covered in the app:

Life Science:

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Amphibian, Bird, Camouflage, Carnivore,

Cells, Chlorophyll, Community, Coniferous forest,

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Consumer, Deciduous forest, Decomposer, Ecosystem,

Endangered, Environment, Extinct, Fish, Food chain,

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Food web, Forest, Fossil, Germinate, Gills,

Habitat, Herbivore, Hibernate, Inherit, Instinct,

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Leaf, Mammal, Migrate, Mimicry, Omnivore,

Photosynthesis, Predator, Prey, Producer, Reptile,

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Root, Scales, Seed, Seedling, Simple plant,

Species, Stem, Threatened, Trait

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Force and Motion:

Force, Gravity, Inclined plane, Lever, Motion,

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Simple machine, Speed

Scientific Inquiry:

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Anemometer, Interact, Population,

Recycle, Telescope, Temperature,

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Thermometer, Volume, Weather Map,

Weathering, Weight

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Space Science:

Asteroid, Comet, Constellation,

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Lunar eclipse, Orbit, Phases,

Revolution, Rotation, Solar eclipse,

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

Solar system, Star

This wonderful app built by Nth Fusion is currently presented in the English language.

【免費教育App】3rd Grade Science Glossary # 2-APP點子

+ This app covers 75 science terms

+ The app covers 151 screens of learning and quizzes.

+ The app has 150 pictures related to science terms. A picture is worth a thousand words!

+ A seasoned school teacher has recorded the entire content in this app. Voice narrations (in every screen) greatly helps kids by keeping them focused, similar to how a teacher keeps kids focused in a classroom setting.

+ Understanding these glossary terms are paramount to kids as they help build foundational knowledge and understanding, not only in current grades but also in higher grades.

Nth Fusion educational apps are extensively used in home schools, public and private schools, including use in several school districts in the United States, and educational institutions in Europe, UK, Australia, Canada, and many countries around the world.

With this important learning app, your child is sure to be prepared for the learning challenges that lie ahead.

Visit our website (http://nthfusion.com) for additional apps from Nth Fusion.

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