4Indore+ is an app for residents of Indore city and the tourists arriving Indore.

With it's simple but effective interface, 4Indore+ provides fast and easy access to emergency helplines of the city. Including contacts of Police Stations, Hospitals, women safety helplines, tourist and child helpline etc.

4indore+ includes a dedicated section on women safety, which provides access to 'We Care For You' helpline, women helpline numbers and online complaint form for reporting crime against women. Also, it includes helpline numbers for women safety during rail journey.

We've also included a section for 'explorers' of Indore. It includes Cinema Halls (either book tickets or get your directions to the multiplex..), Hotels and much more..



** Easy access to important helpline numbers of Indore city.

(Women safety, Child helpline, Tourist helpline, Rail journey helplines, Anti-ragging helpline, etc)

** Travel information for residents and the tourists. Get local transport, bus, rail and flight information.

** Indore Explorer section (Hotels, Cinema Halls and more)

** Simple and clean UI.

** Get directions! find your way from your current location to the desired destination.

** Pin contacts to start!

** Fast App Resume i.e. multi-tasking friendly.


For sure, a 'must have' app for every citizen of Indore carrying a Windows Phone device.

We'd like you to spread a word about this app. You can share this to your friends or family members owning a Windows Phone.

Be safe!

[+] Support for Windows Phone 8.1 and new transparent tiles for start screen.

[+] Added: More contacts in 'Travel Information' section.

[+] Updated contacts with latest information.


[+] Performance improvements and general UI fixes.


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