55 Free Baby Samples & Coupons

【免費生活App】55 Free Baby Samples & Coupons-APP點子

There are tons of free baby samples & free baby stuff you can get just for asking. Using this app makes the process quick and easy. We've done the research for you.

The main app section is the "Contacts" page. This page is loaded with over 55 toll free numbers or website addresses. Each contact offers a free baby sample or mommy sample, deal or coupon. Simply click the contact number to dial with your iPhone. When you are done contacting, the record becomes highlighted in gray to indicate that you have already contacted and you can move on to the next record!

【免費生活App】55 Free Baby Samples & Coupons-APP點子

If a number no longer works please report it to us by clicking the "report an issue" button. If you find offers outside this app, please tell us about them by clicking the "report new number". This is a community driven app and over the coming weeks we will roll out updates with additional free offers. We will also remove phone numbers that no longer work. If a number doesn't work please report it (don't just leave a bad review!)- these numbers change often as they become popular. Our goal is to grow this list to over 100 free baby samples.

Remember- we will roll out new updates with new baby samples and baby coupon offers every few weeks.

Thanks- and enjoy 55 Free Baby Samples !

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