5D Digital Clock HD Wallpaper

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Is Your girlfriend or valentine hate you, because you are not on time ?? Are you always late in meetings, office or work station??A highly customizable 5D digital clock live wallpaper is here. Live 3D wallpaper with different animated effects changing minutes and hours at digital watches (like flip clock, rotates, drops, notebooks). This Digital Clock is an ultra reliable, great to look at and can be customized according to your choice of background colors.

This is the best clock live digital wallpaper on play store in which you have a variety of 14 colors for the clock. A light weight battery saver Digital Clock for your Home Screen.Get this Digital Clock Wallpaper, which is always showing the current time.You can also set different background colours.Its better than any clock widget,because it does not drain your battery in phone. Top rated animation is used to show the perfect time, in which time is continuously rotating spherically and gives a smart touch to your homescreen. This animated wallpaper with efficient HD graphics makes scientific look to this digital wallpaper.


> The coolest digital clock wallpaper app.

> Lovely fonts, backgrounds and color options.

> Really cool wallpaper background app.

【免費個人化App】5D Digital Clock HD Wallpaper-APP點子

> User friendly app with interactive options.

> Highly euipped animated wallpaper.

> HD graphics.

【免費個人化App】5D Digital Clock HD Wallpaper-APP點子

> Battery Saver.

【免費個人化App】5D Digital Clock HD Wallpaper-APP點子

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