7 Pillars of a LMM

【免費教育App】7 Pillars of a LMM-APP點子

This App will point you toward the foundation of Jesus Christ and help you build a life on Him. It will also point you to the kinds of structure Jesus wants for your life. The foundation and pillars we describe will result in a life of lasting impact. They are the keys to becoming a Legacy Minded Man.

These 7 Pillars are non-negotiable skills. Men can and should master them and use them to build a life. These pillars will hold up, no matter what your life looks like. And, they will outlast you.

You don’t want to just have a good season or a good run. You want to have a good life. Your life will affect the generations that follow you. That is your legacy. If you build well, what you build will stand long after you leave this world.

This is the way a Legacy Minded Man thinks.

【免費教育App】7 Pillars of a LMM-APP點子

【免費教育App】7 Pillars of a LMM-APP點子

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