Get the best brain training game!

Play with your right brain!

You may able to gain Samurai sprit!

This game is fun and safe as it's made in Japan!

* Simple operation!

Just simply touch the screen and complete the 7Seg!

You have 30 stages to complete.

* Play at Anytime, Anywhere!

You can play this game on the way to work, school

Or study break.

To play this game will wake your brain up!

* Improve your right brain abilities!

Train your brain with 7Seg!

You can improve Inspiration, Creativity, and Memory...

All stuff to get the wonderful life!

* Post Twitter! Post Facebook!

Let your friends to follow your tweets!

Invite your friends to 7Seg world to share the link!


* Bible of 7Seg


Clear the stage as fast as you can!


100 times the remaining time adding to Score!


Get as much as combos you can get!

Double points in the combo!

10 times the number of combo adding to Score!


You can get more point by completing higher number

Or character rather than low number.


Get three trophies at all stages!


* What's "7Seg" ?

Typical "7 segment display" is use for digital devices, something like watch or calculator.

* Actually...

Awesome game to train right brain!

Modern society is logical anyway.

Is there any logical thinking human being around you?

And you?

The innovation is not born from only logical thinking.

It's born from "Inspiration" and will be designed logically.

Things are beginning with an inspiration (intuition).

It may be called human instinct.


Play with your right brain!

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