8-Bit Music Maker

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Remember the retro chirping sounds of your childhood video game adventures? It's time to turn those sounds into electronic jams with 8-Bit Music Maker! Select a drum track, play with the chiptunes, and make awesome video game themed hit! There are millions of combinations to mix and match and create your own unique sound!

Awesome Features

+ TONS OF SAMPLES - Over 80+ chip tunes, 8-Bit SFX, and drum loops to play with! More on the way with every update!

【免費新聞App】8-Bit Music Maker-APP點子

+ PROFESSIONAL QUALITY - Pro DJ or just looking for a new hobby? Get a professional sound without having professional experience!

+ DYNAMIC MUSIC VISUALIZER - Watch your music jump off the screen with glowing neon colors and shapes that change with the music you're making!

+ MULTITOUCH ENABLED - Unleash your full potential with true multitouch capabilities!

+ HD PARTICLE EFFECTS - Dynamic particle effects dance around your screen to the beat!

+ NEON RETINA GRAPHICS - Glowing user interface makes 8-Bit Music Maker simple and fun to use!

【免費新聞App】8-Bit Music Maker-APP點子

The most incredible app of the year is here to bring childhood video game adventures back into your life! Download 8-Bit Music Maker now!

【免費新聞App】8-Bit Music Maker-APP點子

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