A Geeky Yo Mama

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This is the premier Yo Mama joke app!

We've all heard the same old tired Yo Mama jokes. Well prepare yourselves for something new... Yo Mama jokes with a geeky spin!

These geeky Yo Mama jokes are sure to provide maximum entertainment and laughs.

Share them with your friends and family.

【免費娛樂App】A Geeky Yo Mama-APP點子

Be the hit of the office with hilarious jokes that only us geeks can truly appreciate

Yo Mama - Geek Edition has jokes across 5 categories, including:

Yo Mama so fat...

Yo Mama so stupid...

Yo Mama so ugly...

Yo Mama so promiscuous...

【免費娛樂App】A Geeky Yo Mama-APP點子

Yo Mama so...?...

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