A Kanji Per Day

【免費教育App】A Kanji Per Day-APP點子

◆ Learn one kanji every day! ◆

"A Kanji Per Day" is a simple app that proposes you a kanji per day with a detailed description containing:

✓ The daily kanji

✓ Its meaning

【免費教育App】A Kanji Per Day-APP點子

✓ Its readings

✓ An example word for each meaning composed by: kanji - furigana/romaji - meaning

✓ Its stroke order

【免費教育App】A Kanji Per Day-APP點子

✓ Its radical(s)

✓ A hint phrase to help you memorize it

✓ If you like the kanji of the day, you can also publish it to Facebook!

Notes for this version:

【免費教育App】A Kanji Per Day-APP點子

✓ Translation is from Japanese to English only

✓ Current total kanji in the application: 80

If you find an error or you want to give us any tip, write to shadowingsproteam@gmail.com

You can also find us here:

【免費教育App】A Kanji Per Day-APP點子



【免費教育App】A Kanji Per Day-APP點子

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