A!N Cartoon Avatars

【免費個人化App】A!N Cartoon Avatars-APP點子

This is an Awesome Notifier Avatar Pack.

It contains 28 super cute cartoonish characters that you can use as avatars when you receive notifications.

You MUST have Awesome! Notifier by MobileMerit installed, or this will be completely useless to you.

This is NOT a stand-alone app. It cannot be launched!

How to use:

【免費個人化App】A!N Cartoon Avatars-APP點子

1. Launch Awesome! Notifier

2. Click on the Settings screen.

【免費個人化App】A!N Cartoon Avatars-APP點子

3. Choose Quick-notification, and then click on the avatar-selector.

4. Select your desired animal and enjoy your notifications!

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