A+ Walking Email (+Voice Keyboard)

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Admit it, we all do it…With this application you will be able to see the "camera view" as the background of the email client. We are now living in a fast paced world where we are constantly communicating through email on the go. However, it is sometimes hard to do it while you are walking or doing other things. That is why we came up with this clever and very needed application.One of the MOST attractive features of this app is our state of the art VOICE KEYBOARD, every time you hit a key you will actually "hear" the name of the specific key. Perfect for typing on the go.With this application you will now be able to write an email while you are walking without loosing sight of where you are steping. Just look at the previews; they speak for themselves!Furthermore, unlike similar applications, you will be able to not only see which letter you pressed but also hear it! It’s an application with a talking keyboard included for FREE!We are sure you are going to love this application and find hard to go back to send emails the old, boring and complicated way!Please feel free to share with us any ideas or suggestions for this or other applications since we are constantly working on new releases!

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