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【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

★★★★☆ "Kids Apps Reviews recommends this one and we think that it will be a hit with your child!" -

ABC Puzzle Blocks is appropriate for ages 2-5 years.

ABC Puzzle Blocks is a learning application designed to challenge your child to build & understand letter shapes.

How it works

【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

Pieces of the letter are split up into 4 or 8 pieces and the Player has to put them together in the correct order similar to a jigsaw. Unlike a jigsaw, all the pieces are square so they can fit together in any order. This challenges your child to truly understand the letter shape to complete the letter puzzle.

'I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.' - Confucius

Main Features

【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

Simple, clean design to focus attention on learning & understanding.

【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

2 difficulty modes.

【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

Upper and lower case letters.

【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

Sans serif typeface for easier understanding.

【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

Guide letters to aid learning which can then be turned off to challenge understanding.

【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

English voice narration (Adult female, No accent)

No In App purchasing.

【免費教育App】ABC Puzzle Blocks FREE-APP點子

No Advertising.

No data tracking.

No social features or Internet links.

Completely Child friendly :)

To the parent

It is advised that the parent play this application with their child in the initial stages of learning & understanding. The interface is simple drag & drop which may require some teaching if your child is inexperienced with touchscreen technology.

Thank you for reading.


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