ADB Wireless Pro

【免費工具App】ADB Wireless Pro-APP點子

Root required!

The most automated, easy-to-use and stable ADB management tool with a great customer service!

Key features:

★ ADB control via both widget and/or notification bar

★ Always screen on in adb-wireless mode

★ Auto awake on PACKAGE_ADDED broadcast

★ Auto switching adb depending on currently connected wifi network

【免費工具App】ADB Wireless Pro-APP點子

★ Tethering mode support

Public opinion:

★ "This app is so simple to use and has made debugging easier. Highly recommended!"

★ "Very good for wifi-debugging on multiple devices for a whole development team"

★ "Sweet app. The safelists of the wifi networks is what did it for me"

★ "Very useful Best adb utility I have found and worth the small cost"


【免費工具App】ADB Wireless Pro-APP點子

ADB Wireless Pro originally developed for our own purposes. We use it everyday and this is why we keep it up-to-date. It's just made for developers by developers.

It's really simple to use! It contains widget and is always visible in notification bar. It supports advanced features like tethering and fully automate adb state control.

Developing outside in cafes/bars/trains/other places over wifi? ADB Wireless Pro will switch ADB into wireless and back automatically!

For any questions, suggestions or bug reports please email us

Hamster Beat Team.

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【免費工具App】ADB Wireless Pro-APP點子

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