ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune-

【免費個人化App】ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune--APP點子

Is HatsuneMiku home theme for “ADWLauncher” or “ADWLauncher EX”.

***Must have “ADWLauncher” or “ADWLauncher EX” Installed already.***

In addition, LauncherPro / LauncherPro Plus can be used as icon pack.

HatsuneMiku replaces some app icons, some system icons and wallpaper.

All illustrations are made by Niboshi.

[How to use]

1: “ADWLauncher” or “ADWLauncher EX” app from the AndroidMarket DL.

2: Start the DL are finished, “ADWLauncher” or “ADWLauncher EX” app.

-You can select by pressing the home key.

3: Press the "menu" key on the home screen, select ADWSettings on the menu.

4: “Themes Preferences” > “Select your theme” > “ADWTheme MikuHatsune” this theme is applied by choosing.

[Changed image content]

-Wallpaper is five(The default wallpaper is set when selecting a theme)

-”Browser” app icon

-”Calendar” app icon

-”Camera” app icon

-”Phone” app icon

-”Contacts” app icon

-”Clock” app icon

-”AndroidMarket” app icon

-”Gmail” app icon

-”Email” app icon

-”SMS/MMS” app icon

-”GTalk” app icon

-”Music” app icon

-”Settings” app icon

-”Gallery” app icon

-”GoogleMap” app icon

【免費個人化App】ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune--APP點子

-”Youtube” app icon

-”Twitter” app icon

-”Calculator” app icon

-”FaceBook” app icon

-”VoiceSearch” app icon

-”Trash bin” system icon

-”dock” system icon

[Inquiries regarding]

This app is not a translation changes feature only changes the illustrations.

If If the strange behavior of the home app, please contact “ADWLauncher” / “ADWLauncher EX

” app developers.

Please contact the “terminal name” and “not changed app name”, if the app icon is not changed only.

[Regarding the terms and conditions]

This work uses character "Miku Hatsune" of krypton Future media Ltd. based on the piapuro character license.

Secondary distribution of images in the app in the app and use is prohibited.

Replicated in other than a personal backup other than do not customize.

-Introduction to app purposes, mainly for blog up screenshots are OK.

[Compatible models]

Complies with all resolutions.

[Behavior verification model]



*Nexus One


*Desire HD



*Xperia Play

*Xperia arc

【免費個人化App】ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune--APP點子


Others, where guests can report model icon is displayed without problems and I am happy.

*The book apps to the SD card to save and Terminal restart /SD card mounted and unlock dream home theme. Save internal storage if the nasty.

【免費個人化App】ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune--APP點子

免費玩ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune- APP玩免費

免費玩ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune- App

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ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune- LOGO-APP點子

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ADW Theme -Miku Hatsune- QRCode-APP點子
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