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AED Registry will automatically locate the nearest AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) to your location with details and directions, and also other AEDs within a 2-mile radius. AEDs are identified with various degrees of confidence to know which AEDs are ready to save a life.

From wherever you are, you are able to help contribute to the AED Registry by ‘Pinning an AED’ whenever you see an AED anywhere in the world. By ‘Pinning an AED’ or verifying an existing AED, you help verify the locations of new AEDs and strengthen the validity of an existing AED. Help build the largest repository of active AEDs in the world to help you save a life, maybe even yours.

Owners of AEDs throughout the world are able to register their AEDs with more details to ensure confidence when an AED is needed.

AED Registry features:

【免費醫療App】AED Registry-APP點子

• Displays the nearest AED to your current location (w/ location services on)

• Select an AED icon to get details on specific AEDs w/ directions to its location

• Details include photo and directions to AED

• Pinch locator screen to view AEDs in your area

【免費醫療App】AED Registry-APP點子

• Easily locate AEDs in Map View or List View

• ‘Pin an AED’ allows users to find AEDs and contribute to the database of existing AEDs

• Ability to ‘verify’ a Pinned AED to increase confidence of an AEDs existence and reliability

• ‘Register an AED’ allows owners of AEDs to contribute their AED to the database of existing AEDs

【免費醫療App】AED Registry-APP點子

• ‘Verified Ready’ AEDs are AEDs that have been verified ready for use (verified battery/pads) within 30 days

• Identify levels of confidence of an AEDs readiness to save lives

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【免費醫療App】AED Registry-APP點子

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