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Welcome to the official mobile application for the All In Movement.

Ever wonder if you’re living the life you were born to live? Life can be difficult, & the debate over how to live it can be both exhausting & confusing. But in the midst of your search for purpose, joy & belonging, one simple choice can end your pursuit, free you from your past & set you on a path to the future you’ve always wanted. Ready to be real?

ALL IN is not about religion, politics or what society says you should be. We are committed to breaking through the common fears, stereotypes & misconceptions many people have about being a Christian—so they can understand the true Christian identity as defined by God.

Christians are often viewed as judgmental, intolerant, hypocritical, disconnected & not much fun to be around. Most of us know someone who claims to be a Christian & goes to church on Sundays—then lives a life that’s inconsistent with Jesus’s teachings. Let’s face it: the Christian identity among many in society is largely negative.

【免費生活App】ALL IN Movement-APP點子

All In is here to change things!

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【免費生活App】ALL IN Movement-APP點子


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