The idea of this app comes from former US President Clinton's autobiography, My Life. He stated in his book: [When I was a young man just out of law school and eager to get on with my life, on a whim I briefly put aside my reading preference for fiction and history and bought one of those how-to books:

How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life, by Alan Lakein.]

This is a database application implements the idea of A-List mentioned in President Clinton's book, My Life.

Since it's a database application using SQLite, it's highly relied on file systems on Android. If you encounter problem(s), it mostly comes from the database file used in this application. So, please remember to back up your database to an external SD card.


This program is based on a successful US President's story. Just the Long-term AList is a very helpful tool for everyone's life. One needs to have some goals in mind, then fulfill the goals.

If you like the program and find a problem, please email me the problem (and steps to reproduce it); otherwise, please do me a favor - don't just post an error log. Your co-operation is appreciated.

Since SQLite is only a one-file database, it can not be large, and should not be large. Also, even users could "touch" this file, it might be corrupted by misuse or accidents. If you encounter any problem, please do NOT get "panic", just to restore your backup back to the application. This program can NOT load your database if you uninstall the program and re-install it. If this happens, just remember to restore your backup.

SORRY. No progress on this app. The major reason to present this app is to introduce President Clinton's way in success and his kindness to share his ideas with young people.

YPK software's major interest is in Math (games) development. If there are enough interests (users) and requests (demands) from Android users, then YPK software might consider further development of this little app. BUT, this does not exclude the possibility for new development.

Once again, several major long-term alists might change your life dramatically.

Cheers and have fun!

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