AOIo aoi LAB 1st Oka-Chris TBD

【免費攝影App】AOIo aoi LAB 1st Oka-Chris TBD-APP點子

Presented by "aoi Laboratory"

Cosplay Doujin-shi from Android!!

1st our release Cosplay Doujin-shi is "Steins;Gate"

It is played all chracters by aoi Laboratory members!!

Have a enjoy our original story of Steins;Gate


One day, Chris got a mail to come to "Future Laboratory" from Okabe, but nobaby is in the laboratory.

Although she wonder it, find the "thing" then.

Chris makes a fool of herself in the laboratory!!

Have a enjoy non stop smirk our story!!

*Sorry this script is only Japanese.

◆About Cospayer




◆About Character and Album

・Dress: Okabe, Chirs, Daru from STEINS;GATE

・Number of page: 55 pages


○How to use

【免費攝影App】AOIo aoi LAB 1st Oka-Chris TBD-APP點子

Tap to left(previous page) and right(next page).

Pinch out(expand), Pinch in(reduce)

○Menu List

PAGE_PREV :To appear previous page.

PAGE_LIST :To appear pictures of list. Also you can jump to designate photo.

PAGE_NEXT :To appear next page.

ZOOM_OUT :A screen is reduced.

ZOOM_IN :A screen is expended.

AUTO :To appear next page automatically.

You can choose 5 / 10 / 30 seconds of veiwing time.

Also "Loop" is moved from last page to first page automatically.

INFORMATION:Information about Cosplayer, Photographer and so on.


・The cosplayers and photographers have obtained consent for making this pohotographic publication for the Application.

・This application is not official cosplay photographs and Doujin-shi for "STEINS;GATE". It is not related to "5bp." and "Nitoro+" at all.

・To the costomes, The group "aoi-lab" reservers copyright for all images within this publication, the conrens are not abailable for outsite use.

・The group "aoi-lab" doesn't hold and responsibilities for any problems that may arise when using this application.

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