APPA Traffic brings you up to date traffic information for the Motorways and 'A' roads managed by the Highways Agency, Transport Scotland and Traffic Wales.

You can choose to see all incidents by country, region, motorways, 'A' roads or counties. You can also view planned roadworks for your chosen selection.


You get a summary of all your chosen incidents - simply tap on an incident to see more details.

Information is refreshed automatically, and any breaking news (England only) is brought to you as it happens. The latest incidents on the network are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


In case of any problems, please contact our support (, who will respond promptly to any problems.

Version History



Version 2.0 - Update to support 7.5

Version 1.11 - Prevent a refresh when app is already refreshing

Version 1.10 - Added a page to show all incidents withing a chosen radius

Version 1.9 - Fix to occasional 'map' freeze on scroll


Version 1.8 - Compass, speedometer, and option to 'speak' breaking news and incidident details.

Version 1.7 - bug fix on start-up when asking to purchase

Version 1.6 - bug fix on start-up and mapping

Version 1.5 - bug fix on screen navigation


Version 1.4 - bug fix

Version 1.3 - Screen layouts and operation redesigned.

Mapping is now supported - you can drive along with the map updating your position, AND updating any traffic incidents.

Traffic for Scotland and Wales has also been added.


Filtering by English County is now available.

Trial mode introduced - maximum of 3 incidents shown.

Journey summary page added.

Version 1.2 bug fix after changes made to feed files.


Version 1.1 adds SMS and eMail facility from incidents and breaking news.

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