APPControl (ATC)

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“Best ATC-style game yet” ~

Air traffic control - as realistic as it gets. APP (Approach) Control is THE most realistic air traffic control game available for Android. You are an air traffic controller in the Approach radar room of a busy airport. Safely land as many planes as you can while maintaining Air Traffic rules: a 3-mile lateral or a 1000 feet vertical separation.

Are you as good as you think you are? Challenge yourself. Uses REAL airport layouts. How well are you doing?


【免費模擬App】APPControl (ATC)-APP點子

Like a real Air Traffic Controller, command planes to adjust their headings, altitudes and speeds. But be careful! You must always maintain a lateral separation of 3 miles or a vertical separation of 1000 feet, just like in real air traffic control services. The more planes you safely land, the faster they go- how long can you keep it up? Uses REAL airport layouts. Choose your favourite. Can you handle the pressure?


- The ONLY realistic ATC app to run on your phone - test your Approach skills anytime, anywhere.

【免費模擬App】APPControl (ATC)-APP點子


REALISTIC FEATURES make this air traffic control simulation as true-to-life as possible.

【免費模擬App】APPControl (ATC)-APP點子

- Control the headings, altitudes and speeds of planes

【免費模擬App】APPControl (ATC)-APP點子

- Real-life rules of always maintaining a minimum of a 3-mile lateral separation or a 1000-feel vertical separation of aircraft

【免費模擬App】APPControl (ATC)-APP點子

- Uses the REAL layouts of international airports

【免費模擬App】APPControl (ATC)-APP點子

- Short term conflict alerts

【免費模擬App】APPControl (ATC)-APP點子

- Speed vectors

【免費模擬App】APPControl (ATC)-APP點子

- History trail

- Label schemes

CAUTION TO NON-ATC PLAYERS: this is an as-close-to-reality as it gets air traffic control game. You may have difficulty if you have no experience with how realistic air traffic control works. Think of it as training- good luck!

This Air Traffic simulation app is meant for real air traffic controllers who can't get enough, aviation enthusiasts, students, pilots and anyone with an interest in testing their skills in a realistic ATC environment.

Are you as good as you think you are? Challenge yourself!

APPControl (ATC) offers 250+ international and regional airports, including:

London Heathrow - New-York JFK - Paris Charles-de-Gaulle - Houston Intercontinental - Frankfurt am Main - Miami International - Zurich Kloten - Chicago O'Hare - Amsterdam Schiphol - Dallas Fort-Worth - Denver International - Sydney Kingsford Smith - Las Vegas Mc Carran - Los Angeles International - Hamburg - Wichita Mid-Continent - San Diego - Madrid Barajas - Charlotte Douglas International - Milano Malpensa - Copenhagen - Brussels - Bangkok

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