ARISE Positivity Cards

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This collection of 55 ARISE positivity cards come with 110 messages (there are two sides to every card) They are life lessons reduced to just a few words using memorable, often amusing concepts and beautiful graphics. Use as directed, these pocket sized images and uplifting quotations can change the way one looks at life. Some suggestions for use:

A unique way of saying, thank you, or I apologize or I forgive you, or I’m sorry or You are so appreciated. The list is 55 positivity cards long (TIMES TWO).

Use these provocative memorable messages as:

A wonderful, long remembered gift. They will never wilt; need watering and are non-caloric.

Send to friends via email to brighten their day, or express how you feel.

Print out and you create little motivational posters perfect for home or office.

Ever regret not having the right snappy retort? Here they are, just hit send.

Now you can express yourself perfectly at the click of a button.

Choose a card and focus on the message for one solid week. Be ready for remarkable changes.

Scroll through the deck using the slider bar. Tap one to turn it over. Narrow your search by selecting a theme. Themes include:


【免費社交App】ARISE Positivity Cards-APP點子

Gratitude & Appreciation

【免費社交App】ARISE Positivity Cards-APP點子

Law of Attraction

【免費社交App】ARISE Positivity Cards-APP點子

Anger Management

【免費社交App】ARISE Positivity Cards-APP點子

Communication & Relationships

Overcoming Obstacles

With these 55 two-sided ARISE Positivity cards you’ll have110 messages at your fingertips when you want to express your feelings. This is your opportunity to compliment, surprise and astound those who are important to you. Share with everyday people in your life you’d like to thank for doing something good (or those needing a positive boost). Your payback will be amazing.

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