ARProtect - Wifi shield DEMO

【免費工具App】ARProtect - Wifi shield DEMO-APP點子

*** This is a DEMO, if you like it, buy the full version ^^ ***

¡Here it's the ARProtect port from PC to Android!

ARProtect is a simple application which will protect your data along wifi networks you connect to, avoiding personal data stealing, such as social network accounts, bank accounts, or chat interceptions.


- Detects ARP-Spoofing based attacks.

- 2 Scan modes (by BSSID or by MAC)

- Interface based on PC original one.

【免費工具App】ARProtect - Wifi shield DEMO-APP點子

- When connecting to a network, you can detect if an attack was taking place before you connected (Only for BSSID scan, not 100% reliable).


- BSSID scan is not 100% reliable. This kind of scan is not recomended over wifi networks which covers a big area, such as a mall, but is perfect for small wifi networks, such as home, cafe, or public transport ones.

- If using the MAC scan and connect to a network which was being attacked, that attack cannot be detected, and also, if the attack stops, we will detect the true device (the router) as the attacker.

- This application is not 100% accurate. Don't keep your data even if you're using this application.

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