AS 2048 Fun

【免費解謎App】AS 2048 Fun-APP點子

There are 3 different Game Modes. They are all Free

AS 2048 Fun Classic Mode


Swipe left and right to move the tiles.

When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one!

【免費解謎App】AS 2048 Fun-APP點子

AS 2048 Fun Kids Mode


This is a Fun Mode for your Kids.

Move Funny Animals and try to reach the Sheep.

AS 2048 Fun Letter Mode

【免費解謎App】AS 2048 Fun-APP點子


This is a very hard Game.

Try to complete the Alphabet.

Try all Modes and have Fun

The most addictive mobile version of all the games in 2048, and an almost perfect 2048 game for Android!

【免費解謎App】AS 2048 Fun-APP點子

Discover a great challenge for your head!

Once a tile is created in 2048, the player has won.

+ The only game version on Google Play, which starts on almost ALL Android devices from 2.3.3 +

+ After a won game (2048 tile was collected) can be played to increase the high score.

+ The smoothest Android implementation

【免費解謎App】AS 2048 Fun-APP點子

+ Regular improvements to the game based on your feedback

【免費解謎App】AS 2048 Fun-APP點子

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