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【免費書籍App】ATG Media Auction Catalogues-APP點子

ATG Media publishes printed catalogues for more than 50 auctioneers, dealers, and fair organisers internationally, offering high quality, cost-effective catalogue production, design and print services for over 15 years.

Our new Branded App offerings are designed to help our clients utilise the advances in technology to showcase their traditional print assets across the digital spectrum.

The special attention that we already give to image quality and colour accuracy within the print format is further enhanced in our Branded Apps with the ability to zoom-in on detail not possible in print or traditional online catalogues.

【免費書籍App】ATG Media Auction Catalogues-APP點子

Our catalogue Apps include the following:

• Specific Client branding

• Cross platform to all current devices

• Delivered in advance of the printed catalogue

• Full archive of all catalogues (can also include additional collateral material)

• Banner Advertising - sponsorship opportunity to 3rd parties or in-brand marketing opportunities

【免費書籍App】ATG Media Auction Catalogues-APP點子

• Splash Page – sponsorship opportunity to 3rd parties or in-brand marketing opportunities

• Marketing tool to assist in consigning

• Fully managed by ATG Media

• Dynamic links available for email and web url’s

• Social Media Sharing

【免費書籍App】ATG Media Auction Catalogues-APP點子

For more information please contact or call on 07802 293044

【免費書籍App】ATG Media Auction Catalogues-APP點子

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