AVStream Updater V2

【免費工具App】AVStream Updater V2-APP點子

Convert your Android device in to the ultimate media center

Unlock free media content from around the world with the AVS Updater V2

How to install

1. Launch the application. Click download AVS. You will be redirected on the playstore to download the media player AVStream.

2. Once installed come back to the AVS UpdaterV2 to choose a link provider from the list. Once selected the version file will download and install.

【免費工具App】AVStream Updater V2-APP點子

3. AVStream media player will launch, let the skin for the media player build for a moment. Once complete you are ready to start streaming.

When links to the streams die

When things stop working you are not left in the dark. All the links can be updated through over air updates, all you have to do is launch the AVStream Updater V2 and select the most recent version to install.

It is very simple to use

【免費工具App】AVStream Updater V2-APP點子

Like anything new it can take some time to get used to but the layouts used are very user friendly and categorised with good use of headings and sub headings. Such as, MOVIES - Cinema release/HQ Movies/HD Movies/3D Movies/Box Office.

You will recieve

A whole range of Live TV and on demand from all over the world but mainly the UK and the US. Catch up on absolutely anything and everything from movies, TV shows, and major sporting events. Watch live TV from around the world so you never miss a single football game, UFC fight, NFL game, WWE event or episode of Eastenders.

There are no additional costs of running this application

Of course you will need to pay your internet connection, whether that be through WiFi or mobile data but we never charge a subscription, nor do we advertise or beg you for donations. We just ask the for the cost of the application, which is priced around the same as two pints of larger.

【免費工具App】AVStream Updater V2-APP點子

This is how it all works

Our developer members create files containing their layout and link content, they update the app with the location of this file. You select it via this application. You download and install it. That's it. The developers sign up through our website, if their version makes it to the top of the list through volume of downloads they get rewarded. So it is in their best interest to keep their content working and current.

You probably have more questions

This is all the room we have in the description but if you want to know more then you can join us on social media. We have thriving Facebook and Twitter accounts, just search for AVStream. You could even try out the application and if you don't like it just contact us for a refund.

【免費工具App】AVStream Updater V2-APP點子

If you need any help running this app or the AVStream app then please visit www.aerialview.tv/faq.html

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

We take all infringements of the DMCA seriously. All developer members agree that any links they upload are within the regulations of the act and that they have the right to share the media with the app user for free. Developer version files are downloaded from the developers own file storage location and not our own. We are merely a service provider.

If you would like to make a complaint against any of our developers version files then please email copyright@aerialview.tv so we can investigate and remove any infringing content.

【免費工具App】AVStream Updater V2-APP點子

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