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Abdominal exercises play an integral role in any strength and conditioning program. A strong core is essential for athletic performance and to prevent the occurrence of injuries and back pain.

【免費健康App】Abdominal Exercise Pro-APP點子

There are literally thousands of abdominal exercises and many more variations of each of them. There also innumerable fitness gimmicks promising washboard abs in just a few minutes exercise a day. While these exercise aids may or may not be effective at strengthening the core they are unnecessary. Plenty of abdominal exercises that require nothing other than an exercise mat or towel will strengthen the muscles of the core region just as effectively.

【免費健康App】Abdominal Exercise Pro-APP點子

The abdominal exercises below have been spit into three groups basic advanced and sport-specific.

【免費健康App】Abdominal Exercise Pro-APP點子

Basic Abdominal Exercises

Advanced Abdominal Exercises

【免費健康App】Abdominal Exercise Pro-APP點子

Sport Specific Abdominal Exercises

Diet Tips

【免費健康App】Abdominal Exercise Pro-APP點子

Weight Loss Exercise

【免費健康App】Abdominal Exercise Pro-APP點子

Pro Features

【免費健康App】Abdominal Exercise Pro-APP點子

Yoga For Abs

Trim Belly Fat

Total Body Workouts

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