Acrobat Cat

【免費模擬App】Acrobat Cat-APP點子

Welcome to the merry game Acrobat Cat! You will like to manage a funny puss acrobat. She deftly jumping on the polygon and doing stunts. Learn to manage the pussy, to become the best player acrobat.

The game Acrobat Cat you can use simple control puss. Use tap on the screen device and Adroid leans left, right, back and forth. To make the pussy acrobat used for a long tap. Jump on the polygon. Your task is not to fall down. To complete a mission you have 5 attempts. If pussy falls, you lose a life.

Move puss on, do not stop pussy, this acrobat. There is plenty of space on the polygon to jump. Begins to play and come back to the game again and again to be the best acrobat. Your character pussy ready to jump and win various obstacles in the new game Acrobat Cat! Behind every successful trick you get a bonus.

Download now game for Android - Acrobat Cat and show what you can do!


【免費模擬App】Acrobat Cat-APP點子

- Merry 3D graphics and animation;

- Original soundtrack;

- Ability to create their tricks;

- After all the obstacles to get super prize!

- Hilarious characters pussy;

【免費模擬App】Acrobat Cat-APP點子

- Free game!

【免費模擬App】Acrobat Cat-APP點子

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