Action Camera Plus

【免費攝影App】Action Camera Plus-APP點子

Take an 11 megapixel photo per second* with Action Camera Plus. Features tap to focus and double tap to set exposure controls.


- Take full resolution photos in burst mode at the maximum speed available on your device

- Take 11 megapixel interpolated photos*

- Tap for spot focus (lock and continuous modes)**

- Double tap for spot exposure (lock and continuous modes)

- Full auto mode

- Option to lock white balance

- Anti-shake mode

- Grid on/off

- Bubble level

- Self-timer

- toggle between front and back camera**

- Supports all orientations

- Complete control over flash (auto/on/off/fill)**

- EXIF data including location data automatically saved for each picture

- Full screen preview takes full advantage of the retina screen

- Options selectable through hide-able animated drop down menus and settings dialog

- single/burst shooting modes

【免費攝影App】Action Camera Plus-APP點子

- 50 shot buffer

- pictures are automatically saved to the camera roll

Action Camera Plus is compatible with iPhone3GS and iPhone4

Resolutions supported: 640x480, Photo - 2048x1536 (iPhone3GS), Photo - 2592x1936 (iPhone4), Photo+ 3072x2304 (iPhone3GS), Photo+ 3888x2904 (iPhone4)

Shooting modes: Single, continuous

White balance modes: Auto, lock

Focus modes: Continuous autofocus, focus on point of interest and lock, continuous autofocus on point of interest

Exposure modes: Continuous auto exposure, set exposure on point of interest and lock, continuously set exposure on point of interest**

Flash modes: Auto, fill, on, off**

Additional features: Anti-shake, grid, bubble-level, self-timer (available through settings dialog)

* 11 megapixel interpolated photos available on iPhone 4. 7 megapixel interpolated photos available on iPhone 3GS

** On supported devices


Most camera modes are accessible through the drop down boxes at the top and bottom of the screen. Press and let go to change a mode. Press and hold to see all available options. Additional features (anti-shake, grid, bubble-level, self-timer) are available through the settings dialog which is shown/hidden with a press of the settings button.

Tap to set focus point of interest. Double tap to set exposure point of interest. A green square indicates the camera is attempting to focus in this area. A blue diamond indicates the camera is attempting to set exposure in this area.

Action Camera Plus features a fifty shot buffer. Images are added to the buffer before being saved to the camera roll. After an image is saved to the camera roll the image is then removed from the buffer. Action Camera Plus must be in the foreground to save images to the camera roll. If the app is sent to the background the saving of further images will be paused until the app is moved back to the foreground. If the program is closed while the buffer contains images they will be lost.

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