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This app helps the user to remind the long list of acupuncture back-shu points, in an easy and logical way. It was just while searching a trick to memorize the back-shu points that the author noticed that acupuncture might have a very strong relation with gross anatomy. So he understood the importance of the comparative approach in acupuncture research, meridian path shape compared to anatomical organ shape, in men and other vertebrates, gross anatomy books face to TCM books. The very base of medicine is anatomy, plus other disciplines: microscopy, blood analysis, x-Rays, CT, MR and so on. Many functions of what today we call the "man" seem to be invisible: thoughts and feelings, for example. To be precise, today they are invisible. That's according to author's findings, after the discovery of the fire and the regular use of it meridians have become invisible day by day. Possibly the ancient "wo-men" (curiously in Chinese this world means the pronoun "we") could see the meridians anatomy as a part of anatomy. Please visit the complete collection of the anatomical comparative approach applied to acupuncture research at Thank you.

【免費醫療App】Acupuncture Back Shu Points-APP點子

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