Addicting Paddle Ball

【免費街機App】Addicting Paddle Ball-APP點子

Addicting Paddle Ball is a new fun, challenging and simple arcade game

Features of Addicting Paddle Ball:

★ simple gameplay, easy to learn

★ beautiful 2d graphics and dramatic animations

【免費街機App】Addicting Paddle Ball-APP點子

★ fluent also on old devices, always 60 fps and HD resolution, excellent performance

★ endless fun, that makes it a must-play game

★ addictively challenging

【免費街機App】Addicting Paddle Ball-APP點子

★ single and multiplayer mode

Addicting Paddle Ball is a challenging game with a simple gameplay like the classic ping pong game.

It's is a savvy combination of fun and action.

The game contains gorgeous and savvy graphics and the ball is beautifully animated.

It's completely free and provides no annoying in-app purchases.

【免費街機App】Addicting Paddle Ball-APP點子

Challenge yourself with the amazing game and download the brilliant mustplay game for FREE. Because of its unknown addictively its a perfect choice for young and old players.

No excuse not to download it!

【免費街機App】Addicting Paddle Ball-APP點子

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