Addition・Subtraction Free

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

Addition・Subtraction Free (Method of Instinctive Calculation)

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available(Free app) : A part of the flash cards or step game.

Without using fingers, you will be able to add and subtract. There is individual variation.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

This application contains flash card-styled learning and pleasant game learning.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

You see tiles which represent a certain number in a card for flash card-styled learning, so you can visualize the numbers and rules for addition and subtraction. Make sure you read out equations loud when doing flash card learning. Reading out them loud leads to hear their sound, and it gives you the ability to calculate.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

The game learning is a mission game that you rescue a genie of the lamp. You will get various things and see something surprising in the process until you accomplish the mission. You can enjoy learning addition and subtraction through the game. Studying steadily with flash card exercises is the key point to do so well in the game learning. 

■ Without using fingers, you will be able to add and subtract fluently.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

There is individual variation.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

If you adopt Afterimage Phenomenon and Method of Instinctive Calculation, you will be able to get the ability to calculate easily.

■ Learn using flash card-styled exercise

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

Flash card-styled learning way: going through 4 steps per a problem.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

Flick cards like real ones or tap icons or turn over cards automatically when you turn over the flash cards.

■ You can learn “concept of numbers” in STEP 1 , “addition without regrouping” in STEP 2, “subtraction without regrouping” in STEP 3, “addition with regrouping” in STEP 4 and “subtraction without regrouping” in STEP 5.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

These 5 learning become basic of math study. To master this learning gives you self-confidence toward arithmetic. This method is particularly suitable for children in lower grades, in kindergartens and for those who take time to learn.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

available(Free app) : STEP1 , STEP2

■ Can make sure that what kind of flash cards there are in every step on the list.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

■ Can put marks on the front cover of the flash cards.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

■ The order of the problems in the tests and in the games changes every time.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

■ Delighted learning game is included in.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

A genie of the lamp is locked up in a box. To rescue him, you turn into another genie and have races with 3 different animals. Then you can collect 5 gold lamps through playing games. You can also see surprising scenes on the screen every time you get lamps.

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

(you can collect 2 gold lamps on free app.)

【免費教育App】Addition・Subtraction Free-APP點子

■ By the step game, you can select it among the three speed.

Once you set up the difficulty level and the speed of your opponent , you

can enjoy the game while you learn. Furthermore, you can check your exact

speed and scores.

target : preschool / nursery school / elementary school

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