Agile Run / Jog / Walk Timer

【免費健康App】Agile Run / Jog  / Walk Timer-APP點子

Agile Run/Jog/Walk Timer is a highly customisable app for timing workouts. It can be used for alternating running / jogging / walking sessions or indeed for simply alternating between running / walking workouts.

Product Features:

* Add run, jog and walk intervals of varying length in any order you desire

* Edit mode for individual exercises for easy updating

* Create unlimited number of workouts which are saved ( for example can be used for designing a weeks workouts in advance )

* Optional vibration feedback on transition between exercises

* Optional audio feedback on transition consisting of different bell tone and a voice prompt for each exercise

* Countdown clock for individual exercise as well as overall duration

* Workouts can be paused

* App can be used in background while you listen to music

【免費健康App】Agile Run / Jog  / Walk Timer-APP點子

( App temporarily silences music from other apps during audio transition prompts )

【免費健康App】Agile Run / Jog  / Walk Timer-APP點子

Run / Jog / Walking intervals is an ideal way to build up your stamina by designing your own workouts.

【免費健康App】Agile Run / Jog  / Walk Timer-APP點子

You can use the app to incrementally increase the amount of running you do and work towards reaching your goals.

【免費健康App】Agile Run / Jog  / Walk Timer-APP點子

Ideal for training for 5km / 10km / half-marathon / marathon events.

Benefits of running:

* One of the best ways to give your heart muscle an effective workout.

【免費健康App】Agile Run / Jog  / Walk Timer-APP點子

* Help maintain a healthy weight by burning calories

【免費健康App】Agile Run / Jog  / Walk Timer-APP點子

* Helps promote positive mental health. A regular running habit will you lift your mood and build self-esteem.

【免費健康App】Agile Run / Jog  / Walk Timer-APP點子

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